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As some of you may have noticed, THE REAL ESTATE LAW NEWSLETTER, in publication for 14 years in hard copy form has "morphed" into this web site, SFREALESTATELAW.COM. While you will no longer be receiving a hard copy NEWSLETTER, by snail mail, you will be receiving the same updates, more frequently, covering selective recent court decisions, statutes and local laws. I have chosen developments which have the most practical use and immediate impact upon the real estate community. The site will also contain articles on different subjects of interest, eg. Update on SF Rent Control and Residential Landlord-Tenant.

Larry ScancarelliParticularly exciting and new is the updated Links and Resources, containing links to important real estate and real estate law web sites. For example, check out the latest developments or regulations of the San Francisco Rent Board, license information from the Department of Real Estate (DRE), property listings, rental listings, or loans/financing...... these are just a few of the links and resources.

As you all know, in this new millennium, professional practice, investment, and management of real estate continues to become more complex and demanding. Can you answer the questions to the left of this column? The Answers are within... As we know, "Ignorance of the law is no defense." I know that some of you remember or have heard of the "good old days" over 25 years ago, before multi-page sales contracts, phonebook-thick disclosures and rent control. These days are long gone. One of the continuing challenges is keeping up with the new laws impacting your properties and professional practice. To stay ahead, you have to stay on top of the law, and minimize (but never eliminate!) the risk of lawsuits.

As I always emphasize, SFREALESTATELAW.COM is not intended to impart legal or other advice, but is informational. It is my hope that the statutes, cases and notes might serve as a "tripwire" to permit you to recognize potential legal problems or issues. At that point I would strongly advise you to retain a good attorney to advise you given the particular facts of your situation and the current state of the law.

Our office practice consists of counseling, document preparation/review, negotiations, mediation and litigation concerning real estate including brokers, commission disputes, common ownership matters, including co-tenancies and equity sharing, deeds of trust, foreclosures, purchase/sale agreements, landlord/tenant and rent control, commercial leases, title and escrow, partnership, property defects, misrepresentation and homeowners associations.

I am also available to talk to groups, especially licensee, management and investor groups on topics relating to real estate law and alternative dispute resolution/mediation. Please call or e-mail my office for further information or comments on
SFREALESTATELAW.COM. I am currently Vice-Chair of the Real Estate Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco. I hope that SFREALESTATELAW.COM will be of value to you and your friends and colleagues.

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